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Object Computing Inc. (OCI)

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OCIweb OpenDDS

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Company Overview: We are software engineers. Our team includes some of the best architects and engineers in the industry. Our software engineering practice is about helping clients demystify and manage complex technical challenges. Our sweet spot is building and supporting open-standards based, mission-critical, high performance, real-time middleware systems.

OCI has been supporting the open source movement for over 21 years. We advocate for solutions that are vendor-neutral, reusable, scalable and affordable. OCI engineers have developed, matured and actively maintain ten (10) open source projects, including TAO, OpenDDS, Grails and more.

OCI's Professional IT Training program includes 95+ pragmatic, hands-on courses and workshops. The same architects and engineers who design and build our client solutions and open source products deliver our training.

Please visit to learn more about our service offerings, open source middleware technologies, and professional IT training.

Product Categor: Distributed-Data
Product/Service Description: OpenDDS is an open source native C++ implementation of the OMG (Object Management Group) Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-Time Systems specification. DDS defines a strongly typed publish-subscribe service for efficiently distributing application data between participants in a distributed application. OpenDDS leverages the ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) to provide portability and configurability across a wide variety of operating systems and deployment environments. OpenDDS was developed by OCI, working closely with key customers, users, and other researchers at various universities and other locations all over the world.
Sales Contact: Steve Bowman
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Sales Contact Phone: 1-314-579-0066
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