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Company Overview: Kongsberg Gallium develops high-performance geospatial visualization and Command and Control solutions for critical applications where it’s necessary to track the locations of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of object in real time with a high degree of precision. Our technology is often applied in mission-critical situations where human lives are at stake – in applications like air and missile defense, air traffic control, maritime traffic management, and search and rescue. Our software solutions include the InterMAPhics geospatial visualization platform, and InterCom DDS – an open standard middleware solution for high performance data distribution.
Product Category : Distributed-Data,
Product/Service Description: InterCOM DDS is an open standard middleware solution for high performance data distribution. It allows developers to quickly define and share real time data across systems, networks, platforms and processors, significantly reducing the effort to integrate real time distributed systems. It addresses all data distribution requirements, from command sequences to data checkpoints and reconstitution. Due to its proven interoperability, InterCOM DDS is ideal for heterogeneous systems with numerous networks and OS platforms.
Sales Contact: Robert Aube
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Sales Contact Phone: 613-271-5500
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